The Rat Release

Seoul, Feb.2015

“With witty set-ups, tongue-in-cheek humor and an arsenal of contemporary Korean slang, authors Peter Liptak and Siwoo Lee present a lively, entertaining and informative read on the colorfully adulterated usage of modern Korean slang. As Much As a Rat’s Tail is a fun read that will keep the reader hooked for a single reading.”

Review by SeoulSuitcase

Korea Herald review of The Great Successor

Seoul, Jan. 17th .2013

Lawmaker pens graphic novel on N.K.’s ‘Great Successor’

'This English-language version is a product of Hungry Dictator Press, a division of Exile Press. President and founder Peter Liptak, an American writer and publisher based in Seoul, said he founded Hungry Dictator Press to publish books about North Korea and to “give voice to the people of North Korea.”'

Groove Korea Featured Guest

Seoul, Korea, May 2010

The Rise of the Exile

"All expats are exiles,” says peter liptak, founder of english-language Exile Press, “I think it’s a very conscious choice on the part of most people that want to live abroad — a step way beyond traveling — to throw yourself into another culture and figure it out from the inside out.”

TeddyTracks across Namibia

Luderitz, Namibia, May 23, 2009

At the finish line of his 250km race across the Namibian desert, Peter Liptak stopped to sign a stack of Teddy's Day books donated to the children of Namibian schools. Shaky-handed, the signatures seemed to take on a life of their own, but he hoped they would take second stage to the adventure inspired gift of Teddy's adventure across the Fish River Canyon and the highest sand dunes in the world.

‘ I know how to locate your soul’s refraction of seamless satisfaction’